Supply reason with declined assets

There should be an ability to view the reason an asset or item was declined by moderation. How are we expected to fix and make changes to an asset declined if we don’t know why it was declined?

Even if its just one of a few pre-selected options its significantly more helpful to the developers who upload something (such as myself), it gets declined. Change two pixels in the image so roblox recognises it as something new then upload it again for it to be accepted.


I don’t think this is a completely necessary feature, it’s generally fairly clear why something was declined - nonetheless, I have no reason to be against this feature. Support.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, this could lead to less pointless declining of assets. Indefinite support.


I support this, but I’m not sure if it’d work. I don’t know how much content the moderators have to moderate - probably a lot. This might slow the process down a bit, depending on how it’s implemented on their side. Eh, I like the idea.


Even if it was categorically allocated it would certainly help the developer solve what is wrong much better than the current system. (eg. They select a best fit from a bunch of options)