Support for uploading .wav files

As a developer it’s impossible to upload .wav files directly to Roblox. Third party conversion methods must be used.

I work in .wav 95% of the time. To streamline my implementation of sound files, Roblox should accept.wav uploads, and automatically convert them into .ogg.

The .wav to .ogg conversion methods are made open-source in publicly accessible freeware (see Audacity). I understand the file size of the initial upload is hefty, but file size restrictions can be imposed.

Furthermore my DAW is not capable of directly exporting to to .ogg or .mp3 (Ableton Live). Many soundpacks for sale online come in .wav format, in my experience the vast majority. Roblox automatically converting foreign formats to .ogg would be a handy inclusion.


I’m not sure I see the benefit of lossless sound for games, especially considering that all assets have to be streamed to the user every time they play a game. Smaller sound files are more beneficial for your end users because of this.

But also I clearly am a bad reader. You mention converting them on Roblox’s end to OGG. That would be nifty.


Yeah, using .wav in Roblox games would certainly be too much overhead… imagine music! My post was rephrased by site management, but I definitely don’t advocate for .wav in game :grimacing: All I want is the ability to upload .wav files, compression to .ogg on Roblox’s back end.

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ableton can export mp3s fine


Since .wav files are usually lossless, and meant for production and/or further processing, it makes sense that they can not be uploaded directly. Having Roblox auto-convert the files on upload would be useful, but it would increase upload time drastically and the conversion process could become quite time consuming/resource-expensive.

I’ve personally never ran into the issue of wanting to upload a .wav file, since balancing all your sounds to the same level is usually a good idea. I wouldnt want Roblox to handle the conversion for me without any control over the quality / output either.

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This is from Live 10 and forward, but the majority of people are still using Live 9, where there is no native support for mp3 export. Also mp3 files add audible padding to the beginning and end of files, wouldn’t suggest using them to begin with.

As for the original post, my workflow is in wav as well, I export everything in wav for master source files in high quality, and if I need to upload lets say 10 small sound effects the conversion programs that exists are somewhat bad. Audacity is fine, but not really for bulk processing. Roblox being able to automatically convert wav files on upload would be amazing.