Surf Games Credits

Surf games: Development Credits

Surf Games is a development studio on Roblox aimed at providing our community with an innovative way to game. We believe in supporting and powering both small and larger developers. Contact HT_7R, or any other member holding the Creative Director role in order to apply. To increase the chances at our team finding your application, head over to our Official Twitter.

Game Credits:

Creative Director/Lead Builder: @ht_7r
Assistant Director/Lead Scripter: @TrentaFX
Assistant Director/Graphics Lead: @lunalov3y
Project Director: @XertHimself
Project Director 2: @m6_4rs

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Update Credits

This list includes the last 10 updates:

  • HT_7R: Gamepasse Icons Updated
  • Chrisvecs: UI Design @ Portal Updated
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