Surface normal problem


local Part = script.Parent
local Ice = game.ReplicatedStorage.ICElol:Clone()
Ice.Parent = workspace
yes = 1
local IgnoreList = {}
table.insert(IgnoreList, Part)
local newRay =,,-3,0).unit * 10)
local hit, pos, normal = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(newRay, IgnoreList)
Ice.CFrame =, pos + normal)

the part it clone:
the part that got cloned and do ray stuff:
as you can see the part rotation is messed up idk how to fix it. cany anyone help?

if you dont understand
the part supposed to be like this
the ray broke the rotation and this happen

You did it all wrong its suppose to be

Ice.CFrame = + normal + (pos+(normal*2))) * 0.5, pos)