SurfaceGui self-replicates/clones and deletes itself later. It's just a big old mess

I’m trying to make a code panel for a game I’m working on. This works absolutely fine in a separate studio save however on the game I’m making it for the scripting works, but the GUI doesn’t

It’s hard to explain, but this video shows it off best:

As I said, the scripting itself is fine. There are no z-fighting parts or merging UI objects, but I am using 8 imagelabels in a folder with a uilistlayout, but I doubt this is the problem. (If it is this is the biggest facepalm moment ever)

The video shows me testing the correct code, which should show up on the screen but doesn’t, then dragging the model to show the trace effect thing, whatever you want to call it. I recorded this in studio, but the same thing happens ingame too.

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Ok… for some reason it’s fixed itself with absolutely no modifications at all.