Survival Win GUI Feedback

Good morning, afternoon or evening!

Recently I’ve been working on a rewrite on one of my games, and wanted feedback on the GUI for winning a round.

Things to note / explanation:

  • Health Remaining will change colour from green to red if the health of the player is <50
  • Survived will change colour from green to red if they didn’t survive the round
  • “Christmas” is a seasonal bonus and will change from Christmas to “Halloween”, “New Years”, etc.
  • Premium is Roblox Premium
  • Double Points is a gamepass

lol if my total points math is wrong thats gonna be embarassing


Pretty cool gui.
But would you like to add more decoration on the gui,
like adding game related pictures or a game gfx on it?

I mean, I don’t really know where they would go if I did add them

I think you can add a game screenshot (maybe the picture of the map that the player played)
in the red circle.
And make the survivor list smaller and put it under the picture.

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Something like this? Used placeholder text and a really bad top-down render of Happy Home

It’s quite similar to I expected.
It will be great if the render is better or a gfx about the game.

Probably gonna use more high quality renders once I’m finished, gfx about the game, currently the only instance of something like that existing is an icon, so I don’t really think that’d work :woman_shrugging:

Looks pretty nice! I suggest changing the health bar to yellow instead of red because the player will take that as a sign that they get no points for that even though they will.

Also, you see the bonus multipliers and how they’re “0.25x”? I suggest you change it to either “1.25x” or “+25%” because in math, multiplying something by a decimal lowers the number, which confuses the player for a minute.


Knew I would get my math wrong somewhere lol, thanks for the suggestions

Maybe instead of this background you can try to use the map and camera with Blur lightning.

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Never done anything with camera stuff so thats why I just used a background lol

I’d suggest you to try it, I made it on my game in “Intro” and it is amazing!

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