Survive the disasters

I made a survive the disasters game about half a year ago, but I forgot about it and it was archived. I was looking through my archives, and I decided I should go back and update it. Could I have some advice and feedback on it??

Here is the game


Why would you update it when you know theres a game with that similar name and has more concurrent players?

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Why wouldn’t you, survive the disasters isn’t copyrighted, and roblox isn’t a platform on which people should care about that kind of stuff. Everyone can make what they want to as long as it’s legal and on roblox TOS. Roblox isn’t supposed to be a mindless company looking for devs everytime or something similar;

Also that game SUCKS

Everyone can make whatever they want to. As long as it’s not copyrighted or anything; also, does that really matter? Mad City was made to compete with jailbreak, they succeeded for a big long while, you don’t have to stop making something just because “someone else made it and it has more players”


Do you like my game???

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no i didn’t play it lol, imma play it to see

cool! let me know what you think of it!