Swamp ecosystem showcase (wip)


Wow that’s so cool, good job! I like the details!!


Is looks like there is a lot of plants, does this lag at all?

Other then lag, this look GREAT!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Really looks great for a map location of some open-world game, it’ll really fit the touch of these trees and the grass.

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Doesn’t lag, my pc isnt that great and it still doesn’t. Thank you!

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Wow…that’s really beautiful…no, THIS is a masterpiece!
i wish you luck!

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What did you use to get all those triangles? Images or meshes?

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Wow this is amazing! I love it! ^^

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Meshes, images might cause some trouble when looking at them from distance.

How do you get it like that? When I tried importing a triangle face it didn’t appear. I need it for some leaves.

In properties window hit that checkmark “double sided”. You need to do it since a face doenst have 2 sides

I did that and it’s still invisible. Are you just uploading a face or are you doing something in blender? I tried solidifying but it adds tris and looks horrible in studio.

Just face, don’t know what’s wrong.