Swap | Incredible class converter and more


Swap features a class converter that is built to deliver great versatility while being quick to use, and it provides a simple way to copy and paste attributes to different objects.

Autocomplete makes choosing a class faster.

BasicFillIn - Autocomplete

If there is no text, Swap will automatically select the top suggested ClassName, if found, and recommend it.

Suggestions - Autocomplete

Adaptive ClassName completion learns how you use Swap to suggest classes more accurately, leaving less typing required and creating a faster experience overall.

DynamicFillIn - Autocomplete

To tailor an experience closer to how you use Roblox Studio, Swap uses your Roblox Studio settings to include or exclude some classes.


And you can copy the attributes of any object or objects

Copy - Attributes

and paste them on any object or objects that you’d like.

Paste - Attributes

All dropdown options can be bound to keybinds. Opening the dropdown menu and opening the Swap widget are also bindable actions. You can access Roblox Studio keybinds through image > image > image.


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Version 1.6.0 · (10)

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There is already a good class converter which is much simpler and way easier to use, which can be found here.

This converter seems way too cluttered and hard to use. I and many other developers would just find ourselves taking more time using this than Reclass.

In conclusion, good idea, bad execution.


Thank you for your feedback! Could you elaborate on what you find cluttered or what parts of this plugin are difficult to use, please?

Mostly, this image. There’s a lot going on and all I want is to replace whatever is selected with whatever class I want.


Same here. Reclass’s selection is generally better. I don’t trust the typing, as I feel it wouldn’t always work and would have issues frequently.

Also, Reclass can change several objects at once.

A good idea: Shortcuts. I like that. Don’t know if Reclass has it, but it seems pretty cool. Only problem is, I don’t know what OS is, and the “with/without Descendants” is kind of confusing. All that’s needed is a shortcut to open the menu, or to open a quick menu where you just select (or, in this case, type in) whatever class you want to convert your selected object to.

TL:DR, needs to be simpler.

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Thank you for providing criticism. There seems to be some confusion with the product and the product page which I hope to resolve here.

This menu is maintained by Roblox, is part of Roblox Studio, and is used for setting keybinds for any shortcuts that exist within Roblox Studio and is not used for converting classes.

Studio Shortcuts Widget

Roblox provides an API to create Shortcuts that interfaces with Roblox Studio and this widget which is really the only viable option for OS because of the restrictions Roblox has placed on when and how a plugin can detect and act on keyboard inputs.

While testing, I found it to be pretty accurate, but it may vary. OS matches inputted text with the beginning letters of a class and prioritizes previously converted classes based on selected objects in the explorer, then searches more broadly for the class you are looking for.

I chose to exclude this from the post, but anyone can select as many objects as they want and convert them.

This is referring to whether you would like the descendants of a given class to be cloned/moved to the converted class. I’ll likely replace the word “with” with “including” or “excluding” as they more precisely describe what an action does. Thank you for your introspection on this.

You can use the “OS” shortcut in the Shortcuts menu to create a keybind for toggling the main widget.

For most of the plugin’s use, you will only be interacting with the UI below.



Thanks. I’ll keep using Reclass, but for those who want to use this plugin instead, this is much more helpful.


Awesome plugin! I would suggest making a keybind to toggle the converter to stop if from filling your already cluttered studio.


Some parts of the UI have been updated to be more understandable as well as to fit in with the design of CSE, CFS, and UIT.

Most notably, OS introduces a keybind that opens the widget and automatically focuses your cursor to the text field, allowing you to start typing instantly. Combined with better class recommendations in this update, OS now lets you convert classes in seconds.


OS 1.5.0 primarily fixes many major bugs and introduces some visual changes as well.

The entire API formatter module for OS has been re-written and multiple bugs involving the autocomplete, recommendation system, and object whitelist have been resolved. Here’s a more detailed look into it:

  • Some cloneable classes were not able to be converted
  • Classes' whose full names were the beginning of other classes' names were not suggested automatically
  • Classes' whose full names were the beginning of other classes' names were not suggested if there were other classes being recommended based on an object's conversion history
  • Dynamic autocomplete would sometimes not work as expected

A few updates back the option for converting deprecated properties and classes was removed. With the re-write, these options are once again available. However, you are not able to convert any class to a deprecated class. This is to encourage the use of up-to-date classes that are maintained and updated by Roblox.

The icon of the conversion dropdown button now changes depending on whether you are able to convert a class based on what is typed.


Thank you



  • Keybind to capture TextBox focus since it did not work reliably


  • New widget UI
  • New icons for widget and dropdown
  • Dropdown menu option keybinds now show up in the dropdown menu. You may need to re-apply these keybinds.


  • Deprecated objects show up in autocomplete and suggestions and can be converted to when Deprecated Objects Shown is enabled in Roblox Studio settings under Studio > Browsing
  • Instance-type property values are now applied more accurately when new descendants of objects being converted are created


  • Copy & paste attributes of 1 or more objects to 1 or more objects
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Can’t wait to try this out later today. The UI looks extremely intuitive and easy to use, great job.