Sweep Squad Dev Blog 1

Sweep Squad Dev Blog 1

We will be using these post to update our community on the upcoming changes to the game. These post will also be targeted at highlighting new changes such as bug fixes, balancing, and community updates.

Upcoming Changes

Game Rewrite

  • Due to the recent state of the game, a complete rewrite will be occurring
  • Any stats acquired on the old version of the game will be lost

Because of the game currently being outdated, we are forced to completely rewrite the game. There will be new dev blogs posted in the future regarding the rewrite.


  • The current state of maps in the Sweep Squad universe are bad and will be being scrapped
  • On release of the rewrite, new maps will be released
  • Dynamic destruction will be added to certain structures
  • New maps will be released with limited play-ability and graphics as we focus on gameplay mechanics

Maps will be as bare-bones as possible to allow us to release as much new content on release as possible.


  • A full list of specialist will be released in the next dev blog
  • A total of 20 specialist are planned for release with 5 free specialist for attackers and defenders unlocked for free
  • Specialist abilities and gadgets will be unique and allow for different play styles
  • Specialist will be purchasable with credits, the in-game currency bought with Robux

We want to add as many specialist as possible to the game while still allowing balanced gameplay.

Health System

  • Headshots will only deal 2x damage compared to other games in the genre that deal 100% headshot damage
  • Health will always be capped at 100 for specialist, however, armor will allow for higher damage reduction
  • Specialist will be added to allow for healing

Health is a major part of any game and we are focusing on making battles last as long as possible to let players of all skill types to win while still allowing higher skilled players the ability to hit harder shots with headshots.


  • Weapons will have a preset amount of skins that can be bought
  • Cases can be purchased to increase the amount of weapons skins you own
  • Special weapon skins will be purchasable from the in-game shop

Current Status

The rewrite process is nearly complete for core systems and should be ready to display in the next dev blog.


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