Swimming system works perfectly fine in test place, but not in original game

water.rbxl (29.8 KB)
This place has a working water system in it, but when I copy everything perfectly into my main game it stops working. I have made sure that the y position is correct for the main game but to no avail.

What exactly stops working? :thinking:

You just fall through, and the swim doesn’t work at all.

Are there some relevant errors in console, or something like that?

Seems, like you don’t have your swim event in the ReplicatedStorage.

That does look like a problem, I’ll fix that and get back to you.

Yes, that looks like a really big problem, if the event doesn’t exist, the script just yelds itself at the :WaitForChild() part. :neutral_face:

There are no more errors, but the swim still doesn’t work.

Maybe try putting some print()s in the scripts, that are used in this case, to see, where the script stops.

I got it to work by putting the remoteevent in replicatedfirst.