Switching lighting.technology to Voxel problem cases needed


For the feature we are working on, we would like to gather bunch of *.rbxl files that had a problem switching to the Technology = Voxel.

Did your place blow out in bloom? Things became way too dark or colors messed up? I’d like to see it :slight_smile:

It would be really helpful if you would have provided isolated cases of switching problems or at least pointed the camera on the problematic part.



Forgive me if this is an error on my part;



Voxel made the game’s places incredibly dark but this didn’t seem to replicate in game.
No new games I make see the same problem anymore.

Gameserver.rbxl (27.0 KB)

I love the new exposure compensation feature, hope this helps.


In https://www.roblox.com/games/69184822/Theme-Park-Tycoon-2 players have the ability to place lights down themselves. Many players tend to just dump a bunch of high-range and high-brightness white lights everywhere to basically cause everything to have a fixed white ambient color (in legacy).

In the voxel lighting engine this causes everything to be shaded to a solid white color (which isn’t exactly unexpected). Not sure what the proper way to fix this would be. Probably some way to clamp the light values in each voxel?


Thanks for the input!

This probably could be fixed by just adjusting Lighting.Brightness by +1. What Im looking for is when the scene looks really broken. For example like this:


I tried switching to it for my old RO-Port Tycoon game, but inside buildings was really dark.



The obvious issue is that I have no lights inside. I don’t really see this as a “problem” with the lighting, but rather a problem with my build.


It’s nearly always darker for me as well. I change the brightness to something more satisfactory. I think it’s the nature of this lighting method.


Looking on a very old game of mine… Getting a variety of issues…

I think there is a problem when relying on windows for light…



and then also too bright in some areas:



(Guessing this is just poor configuration originally though)

But some areas look really nice


I did have different people build different areas, and their usage of lighting must have varied so probably explains the range of differences!

Don’t really want to put any files out publicly but could DM if this specific example is helpful.

Really hope the legacy option doesn’t get taken away (or it gets made better for older games) :worried:


One issue I ran into with the switch to voxel is that dark coloured areas kind of lose their details and sharpness when switching to voxel



This can be fixed by turning up the brightness all the way up to 10, but the downside of that is that bright areas become too bright & washed out.

(This also depends on how good the contrast ratio is on your monitor)


I love the new voxel lighting. A quibble would be that for me in my indoor night scenes things lose some definition.
Before voxel:

After voxel:

I imagine it’s simply on me to use less ambient and more lights in the scene for gloomy areas like this, but here’s an rbxl if you’re interested in trying to figure something out:LowLightVoxelLackOfDefinitionSample.rbxl (17.1 KB)


I think the problem I see is the total lack of illumination from outside. For example, my house IRL has like half the surface area in windows and yet it is much brighter than this building. I think the new lighting system would benefit from whatever-is-making-my-damned-house-bright, but I’m guessing it’s pretty tough and expensive to do, both for engineers and performance :frowning:

It probably also has a small bit to do with exposure compensation; if I go outside right now when it is sunny indoors would become a bit darker for me so it’s a combination of that and the outside illumination thing. Exposure compensation is being worked on right now, right?


Yes this is actually the most useful example. Please DM me the file, that would be very useful.


This is still occuring, still am unsure whether this is intended behaviour:


Im still looking for examples where lighting got really broken (not that it is slightly darker etc.). Something like centraltrains posted. Thanks!


I had a similar thing happen once, but that was because the brightness of all the lights was set to 1000, so I’m not sure that really counts.


Yes this counts. Can you provide .rbxl file? If you dont want to share your build in public, please send it as DM to me.


I have had both types of issues with Neverland Lagoon, in places where I used a 1 stud or smaller thickness for a roof, to allow in light from the sky, these places were totally dark, and I had to add a surface light to the roof.

Also in some other areas where I had several lights with a brightness greater than 1, usually around 5 to 10, it was far too bright, like the pictures in the posts above me. However, I went in and changed the brightness to a value of 1 on these.

So I am not sure if that counts as having issues with the new lighting system, if I went in and made changes that seem to correct this.










Happy to provide a place file in a DM if you want :smile:


I have this issue when I try switching my lobby from Legacy to Voxel. The PointLights are at about 15 brightness and 40 range though, so perhaps that is the cause of it.




The light causing issues is inside a part in Workspace called “CulpritLight”. I think it’s due to the angle being really, really small.



When the surfacelight is disabled:

mightty_voxel_issue.rbxl (43.8 KB)


My game uses a mix of SurfaceLights and PointLights in the darkness. SurfaceLights convert perfectly with no issues, however, SurfaceLights seem to suffer greatly.
Not only do they become incredibly bright comparing to the original, but their range seems to be cubic instead of circular, and seems to cut off very suddenly.