Sword Battle game feedback please!

Hey guys it’s vNoHxpe so you may know my game Sword Battle. I think it is very boring in general! Can you guys play it and give me some info on how to make it fun for new players! Thanks so much and have a nice day :smiley: https://www.roblox.com/games/2683952368/Sword-Battle-V-2-2

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I looked at the game, this is what I found.

The button is going off-screen, you should try and get that fixed, and possibly make the button follow your square UI theme :wink:

This is just me but maybe they should wave when your character is close to them, and not on repeat.

Some of the UI can overlap, maybe the Twitter button and the round system UI should hide when in the Shop.

Onto game play, I got into a round with someone AFK so I can’t really rate that.

These maps aren’t really detailed at all, a bit more design could spice it up, maybe even try special objectives for maps. For example, the sand themed map could slowly drain health.
The maps should also spawn far away from the lobby.

You should try to turn the lobby into a more interactive zone while players wait for a round.

Again most of these ideas are just me

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This ones important! Is your game FE? This is my first time experiencing the free candy hack with the clown in the car. LOL



Is it even possible to become slender in your game/ have odd number of points/ have creepy clown head-gear/ use a gun in a swordfighting game?

Lobby been turned pink.

Lobby also destroyed now, can no longer spawn there.



Exploiters. I’ll look into this

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I started in the air and then landed and then waited for enough players and then was not able to fight and then my mouse got stuck and then I got killed and then I got disconnected. code 267.
Please feel free to DM me if you want some more testing done.

It’s all solved it was a exploiter :slight_smile:

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OK. Thanks for letting us know.
Have a go at sorting out what has been highlighted and the offer of further testing still stands.

FE isn’t an option. All games are FE.

No I meant as is it actual FE or is the server going to listen to anything the client sends without checking it.

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