Sword Fighting Game Feedback

Hey there, I am working on a game called Stabby Stab and would like your suggestions and feedback for it. I am a rookie scripter and I will gladly accept any constructive criticism.

Stabby Stab

Note: The game requires 2 players but I temporarily gave all players access to the ;startgame command. Running the command ;startgame overrides the player requirements to start a round.


First bug: Didn’t get teleported.

And what @devpixell has said.

I do like the game but here are some problems:

  • The art is poorly done.
  • The GUI could use a bit more background and coloring.
  • The map and spawn are a bit dull.
  • There are some bugs.

Other than that it looks like it could be a nice game! I like your pricing on the game passes a lot.

Can you send me a screenshot of f9 if possible?

I’ve left now, but I did actually check when the bug occurred. There was no errors/warnings.

Hmm thats strange. I remember having that same issue due to datastore not loading in properly

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