Sync data between different games

Is there a way to sync data between different games without the use of external databases?
If not, I tried MySQL but I got problem hosting a server for it and I don’t know how to use HTTP Service to connect it to Roblox, i.e. Roblox game connecting to server to get data, and load the data to game

Moreover, I am doing this because I am selling scripts, and I want to use this way for a game to get the asset ID for a specific module script(for a specific product), and load that module script so people cannot get my core scripts so easily, I know you can get the module script by pasting the asset id into roblox and get the module script to see, thats why I want to use an external base to call(and possibly decode) the module as I am going to call an encoded code(which is going to be decoded either through another module script or through the external DB).
Is there a better way for me to protect my scripts(not using external DB), or I have to use an external DB to do this?

or can I use something like webhook or HTTP to decode/get data outside of Roblox?

I don’t really think anything in the client side can be actually be protected, but if its in the ServerStorage / ServerScriptService then its not really a problem from exploiters or are you afraid your clients will steal your scripts? If they are paying you, I believe its not really a problem to give them the source code.

yeah, I get what you mean, but I just want to use a module script to call as I want my clients to get auto updates when I update a script

And I would like to record down the Client info and check so 1 client cannot buy once and let everyone else use the script, as similar things happened before to other ppl who sold models

I don’t really know why you want to do it like that, but I understand this that you want to check the client’s game ID he wants to use the module in probably? But still though, once he requires the module, he will most likely have the code, so he can still let anyone else use that script.

As much as I know, once they pay you, they should have full ownership over the code you have written and they might not trust you if you tell them to require from asset id, as it may contain virus too.

Yes, I get what you mean, but I still want to make sure that they don’t abuse the script, this is mentioned in TOS but I still want to ensure that the scripts are used normally(because some of the games have team create on), also i would like to auto update it as all i need to do is update the module. Is there a way for me to do it? Or should I just leave everything inside a module script