Sync parts moving on both client and server

I’m working on a voxel destruction system that creates and welds parts on the fly. I want instant destruction on the client while still being able to replicate and verify destruction to the server and other clients while keeping parts synced between the client and server. The problem I’m having now is I can get parts mostly synced until they move and fall and then when the client sends up the hit position for destruction, on the server the parts are in a different position and the client and server get less and less synced. In this reddit post: Reddit - Dive into anything the guy says destruction is client sided while being synced semlessly to other clients. I know it’s possible I just can’t figure out how. I’m looking to the forum as I’m stuck and want to continue to make progress on my destruction system.

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Send the Action the player does to the server, validate it on the sevrer and then send it to all clients by using :FireAllClients() with a remote event to replicate it.

Issue with this is players who join after the server has been created will not have an up to date simulation with other clients. It would make sense for the server to be affected somehow this way people who join later are up to date with the simulation. Also the delay of sending from server to other clients would make part desync even worse than just replicating to the server.