Sync Up Server Time to Local Region

Here I’m trying to let the game’s TimeOfDay to be synced up to the current server region’s dateTime as soon as the first client is added ingame;

As when I use DateTime:ToLocalTime() on a serverside only returns the table of the Server’s current datetime;
and using it inside a local script might gets all clients’ Time data
(the region might also be different from the server’s)
and might require to fire a event every single second if only keep getting the first joined player’s data;

I’ve also thought about using an external API to request the certain region time for the server, but is that possible to have a faster way not to do tons of nest loops to get the client’s region and send it to server since there are hundres of Region Codes in LocalizationService? Or if there might be some easier ways to achieve the objective?

If you’re asking what I think you’re asking then I would say try to replicated it from the server to the client using a remote event

yeah appreciate. maybe i get it, but as if I send the server the client’s region data using events, which still might requires to do calculatings depending on the first client’s region, like i need to do tons of checking if the client region match the specific region and set the time to the certain dateTime from the API request. Is there a way to directly get server’s region if possible?