Syncing animations camera's and sounds

Does anyone have any thoughts on syncing sounds with animations as well as the camera changes? My biggest concern is sound with animations, because its kind of annoying when in a custscene, your animation might lag, but the sound goes on, then they aren’t timed correctly. Id rather if there is lag, all the components continue to move as one.

Name specific keyframes in your animation that you want sounds to play at. Then detect when that keyframe comes up and play the sound then. If the animation lags the sound will lag with it.

The only problem with that is the fact that often the sounds i use are full cinematic things, they play at the beginning of the animation, and are timed with the anims length. So its 1 big audio file

You can try and split the audio up by playing different parts at different times.

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Maybe make a loading screen and preload all the anims before playing them?

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This is an example of a cutscene i made, if i solit up the audio they might overlap and cause even more issues.

Do animations work that way? Loading them prior helps eleviate delay and lag?

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Yes, it depends on the client’s network, if their network is slow, it will affect the animation which leads to the animation having like seconds delay before playing, so preloading animations might be a good idea

I’ve never seen something like that before wow, but it does make me cringe a little bit though

Why does it make you cringe? XD

Is there maybe a way to link the frames or seconds of an animation to to a sound? Or vise versa?