Syntax Error - Last End

Hello everyone, I’m folliwing an AlvinBlox tutorial, on making a piggy game. My code is getting an error, the last end underlined in red it says syntax error. In alvins tutorial, he does the same thing but no error,

Here’s my code:

				-- you already own this item
				print("you already own this item")
				if itemType == "skin" then
					player.EquippedSkin.Value = itemName
				elseif itemType == "trap" then
					player.EquippedTrap.Value = itemName
				return "equipped"
		print("No skin found")
		return "failed"

Can you post the entire script?

try put a ) on it sometimes that will work

not much information as the guy above said

we need the whole script to fix it

If you do not post script then lol your screwed and by the way for elseif do not add an end for them that may be the error