Synthetic dawn | looking for creative and technical developers

About the game

We here at Rosebury studios are looking for developers to work on our current futuristic RP title known as synthetic dawn, the game will focus on living in a futuristic city.
Creating an atmosphere is important to us, we want to make the player fell like a part the world, therefore we want to include uniqe RP elements that could hopefully make this game stand out.
There will be different districts that can be explored with their uniqe themes and feel to them.

Art style

We are looking for something realistic, we want the game to be almost entirely modeled and textured.
Here are some artworks that we want the game to look like.

About the positions


As a modeler you will create buildings and environments for the game.
You need to be able to create structures based on reference images and concept artwork and be able to texture the models you make.


As a scripter you will make a combat and character stat system aswell as other miscellaneous actions and systems.
You will need to be able to have good communication with the rest of the team and atleast have a very basic knowledge of how to animate.


This is a long term project and you will be paid in percentages (%),
they will be divided as such:

Modeler - 30%

Scripter - 30%

Contact us

You can contact me on discord, MeowZ3RO#7723
or you can message me here on the developer forum.

You can also join our group.

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