System Error - QtGui4.dll missing

I just opened Roblox Studio and updated it, but rather than opening it just presented me with this rather lovely error message. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Roblox Studio as per it’s suggestion, but it made no difference.

Edit: Derpfix

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Looks like something missing thats not in the Roblox download package? Any programs you know that might remove the required file to run studio?

Nope. I don’t have anything installed on my computer that would remove anything like that.

Qt is a gui manager, you could download it yourself, and just throw it into your system32 folder, and your ready to lock an load, another program probably modified your dll, making roblox unable to read it, and it didn’t detect it missing on the reinstall stage

Because it’s a good idea to google some random dll and drop it into my critical system files.
Yeah no, I’d much rather the issue just be fixed.

QTGui4.dll is present in the latest studio version (version-d915d946200d4645)'s Libraries zip file.

Which means the issue is on your end/in the installer, and weird.

If you just want it fixed, here’s a direct link to the libraries archive: . Just unzip it so the dlls are in the same folder as RobloxStudioBeta.exe.

scar, its not just some random dll, QT is a gui library, and a popular one at that, they have full support for it, and you can compile it yourself, or get an already compiled version on their website, :slight_smile: also, snc, he most likely has a corrupted dll, not a missing one, ie: virus, rootkit, other nonsense, accidental deletion, HDD crashing, corrupted chunks