System Message OnTouch

Does anybody know how to make a script that when you touch it it says in chat “[System]: {playerName} has touched the part!”? Thanks!

	local Humanoid = Touched.Parent:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid")
	local Debounce = true
	if Humanoid then
		if Debounce then
			Debounce = false
			--The Message Thingy, Maybe Just Convert To Chat
			print("[System]: "..Humanoid.Parent.Name.."has touched the"..script.Parent.Name)
			Debounce = true

Why are you debouncing if there’s no delay anyway?

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just for sure eh he might had a delay on his function to make it message on the chat xD yep mb

You might want to look up:
As already posted on this thread by @AusRin0177