Szramus - Protoflio [WIP]

About Me

Hello there, My name is Szramus and I’ve been playing Roblox since Late 2016, for the past year or so the top page games have stayed the same for a long time and became boring, repetitive and no longer fun to play. I have experimented with Roblox studio for some time now, I even made some cool builds but nothing has come out of that. Read along to find out what I do now.

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My Skills

Skill 1

Na an ana an

Skill 2

tral la la la

Skill 3

bla bla


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    3+ hours

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays
    1-2 hours

  • Saturday, Sunday
    6+ hours


    • If you want to know something drop a comment below
    • If you want to hire me add me on discord Szramus#9407

In Game Testing or Managing a group, are you free?

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Testing games is free, Managing groups is hard when I’m alone so I need a % or group funds (Depends on the size of the team and progress with the game). For moderating with other people I will take R$ but can be free for a short starting period.

May I ask, if your interested to be our game tester of our group? My Roblox Community group needs a game tester. Though we only accept people who will do it for free.
Will you?
If so please join the group…

I’am happy to test your games, joined the group