TA9 Studios: "Translator" Application

A translators job is to:

  • Translate the context handed over for a particular game released by our studios. You will be guided by the Head Translator, you must be active and patient. Knowing your chosen language is crucial.

  • Must be above the age of 13.

  • A good understanding of English and the language chosen.

  • Must be active.

  • Should be able to complete assigned projects.

  • Must dedicate at least 30 minutes a day towards this work.

  • Must be patient.

  • Previous work as a translator.
  • Chosen language as the native language of yours.
  • Good communication skills.

Fill out the Google Form.

  • Be a part of the wonderful team.
  • Gain more experience.
  • Come to know about the latest updates before anyone else.

NOTE: This is a voluntary job, meaning salaries will not be given to translators.