Table and dictionary problem

Hello, there I am making a system that requires that I need go find a specific part of a table.

Well let me explain

local JOURS = {'Dimanche','Lundi','Mardi','Mercredi','Jeudi','Vendredi','Samedi'}

local CLASSE = {

	Dimanche = {'congé'},

	Lundi = {p1 = 'Français', p2 = 'Math', p3 = 'Science', p4 = 'Art plastique'},

	Mardi = {p1 = 'Physique', p2 = 'Informatique', p3 = 'Math', p4 = 'Anglais'},

	Mercredi = {p1 = 'Math', p2 = 'Français', p3 = 'Science', p4 = 'Éducation Physique'},

	Jeudi = {p1 = 'Informatique', p2 = 'ECR', p3 = 'Art plastique', p4 = 'Physique'},

	Vendredi = {p1 = 'Éducation Physique', p2 = 'Math', p3 = 'Français', p4 = 'Temps Libre'},

	Samedi = {p1 = 'congé'},


number= 1


so what I want to do is print the first thing of the Dimanche dictionary which would be ‘congé’

but when I’m doing that I get this error:

how would I be able to print the string while using the ‘JOURS’ table to find the right one?

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I don’t really get what you mean. Could you specify more please?

From what I understood this is what you are searching for?


wait was it that simple? Well yea that’s what I was trying to do lol and sorry if I wasn’t really clear

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