Table Coding Support

Hey guys I need help with table scripting, so I made a Class type system, and it’s detecting my values as nil
here’s the code

class.Classes = {
	['Samurai'] = false,
	['Arts'] = {
		['Fire'] = true,
		['Water'] = false,
	['Currency'] = {
		['Gold'] = 150,
		['Platinum'] = 1000,

function class.ChangeArts(plr, RequestedClass)

	if class.Classes.Arts[RequestedClass] then

it is not printing nice, I have another Script with the module Module.ChangeArts(plr ‘Water’)
nothing is being misspelt can someone help me with this.

It’s looking at the entry in the index “water”, sees that it is false, so it doesn’t run the stuff inside the if statement. I’m not sure what you want, so you’ll have to fix it on your own.

i fix it thanks for your help, its cause i didnt put ~= nil