Table saving help


So I was not good at saving tables so I decided to learn how to save stuff in tables. I read many topics about tables saving but one thing I can’t get it. How I can save cars and load them. Its like I can’t figure that thing. Any suggestions?

To save things like cars etc. you could just save their CFrames (convert them to numbers or strings) and then load them (just clone the object and set it’s CFrame to the saved one).

Okay that, like how I can save if player purchased car if he leave or something it saves the car. Should I clone car to the folder like “PurchasedCars” and save everything that is in that folder?

You cannot save instances / objects. You’ll have to save a string or number which represents the car, and once the DataStore is loaded, it’ll say: “oh hey, that guy had a car with the id 123456! I better go to the storage and load the car with that id”.

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Okay, can like car name work? . .

Yeah, you could save the car name to the DataStore, and once it’s loaded, you can go to where the cars are stored, and load the car with that name.