Table.find returning nil even though the table is there

--interactions module

local Interactions = {
	["Testing"] = {
		["Test1"] ={
		["Test2"] ={

return Interactions

--local script

-- e = "Testing"
-- v is a frame inside of a screen gui named "Test2"
print(table.find(require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Interactions)[e], v.Name))

Ok, so after all of that, it prints “nil”. I have no clue why.

It’s in the documentation. table.find is only for array-like tables. You have a dictionary. Dictionaries do not have positions or order; table.find is intended to find the position of a given value. table.find is not going to work for you here. You can just check if the indice is non-nil.


That really helped, thank you!