Tank model spazzes when moved

I welded the main body and gun of the tank together and connected the wheels by Hinge Constraints connected axels connected to the body through Spring and Prismatic Constraints. The tracks are connected to the axels using AlignPosition/Orientation Constraints.

Whenever the tank moves at all, it spazzes out in any way, and it doesn’t have to do with scripting.

I checked the attachments for the AlignPosition/Orientation Constraints and they are in the right place, which was supposed to prevent things like this. I have no idea what is causing the glitch now.

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Can you give a visual example? an image can work, but a video is better…

Outside of the question, vehicles shouldn’t depend on hinges and constraints. If they use hinges for wheels, it can be very easy for the wheels to glitch and break the car by giving it vehicular spasms. It’s a common problem in roblox, and I don’t expect many fixes soon to it. You can see many popular roblox games try to avoid that so they don’t use hinges for their vehicles, they just make a script that simulates the vehicle, that or the vehicle goes slow.

You can even see how the tutorial-made car has some problems with movements, and it ocassionaly has some tilts or it doesn’t stay straight without inclinations.

I’d make a script for driving that tank, avoiding the use of hinges and maybe even constraints (I really don’t know how constraints work), and using a different movement for the vehicle. I can’t tell you how I would do a car because I’ve never made a car in roblox and I don’t know how, but from what I’ve seen commonly, the cars that use hinges tend to glitch at rare times, imagine a tank, which uses even more hinges. If the hinges are for simple things like a spinning blade or a tilting platform, then you could use it, but it’s not the best one for cars…