Tastetea | Alliance Application

Tastetea | Alliance Application

Thank you for showing an interest in our group! We adore interacting with other groups and seeing what we are capable of doing together. In order to have your group considered for a partnership, you will have to meet a set of requirements given. If you meet the following requirements, fill out the alliance application in a Google Document and forward it to a member of our Public Relations Department, or a Vice President+. Within 48 hours, you will be notified of your results.

General Requirements

  • Group must have at least 70 non-botted members. Exceptions can be made depending on the quality of the group.
  • Group must have professional, well-trained staff.
  • Group must have an organized and professional communications server with a set of documents, guidelines, etc.
  • Group must be professional, organized, and well-rounded.
  • Group must be willing to announce and attend Tastetea events.
  • Group must stay in contact with the Tastetea hierarchy.

Alliance Application Questionnaire

[1] What is the full name of the group you are requesting an alliance for?

[2] How would Tastetea benefit from allying with this group?

[3] What are you looking to benefit off of by allying with Tastetea?

[4] How many members are currently in your group?

[5] Who are some of the group’s representatives that we can speak to? Please list their contact information below.

[6] Who is the head of the group?

[7] Please link your Roblox group and communications server below.


Again, we dearly thank you for your interest in forming a partnership with Tastetea! Remember, all members of our Public Relations Department will review your application and decide as a team if your group is qualified for a partnership. You will be informed of our final decision within 48 hours prior to submitting your application. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, be sure to contact any Corporate Officer+ for assistance.

The Tastetea Presidential Board