Tastriez's Interview Guide

Tastriez’s Interview Guide

This guide must be used to interview our “Tastriez Fam” members during an interview session. There are no other guides that are approved, so this one must be used at all times.

There are 6 pages in this section.

Players with the rank “Tastriez Fam” - can be interviewed to Trainee.

Players with the rank “Guest” - Must be asked to join the group or else leave the server.

“Trainee+” - cannot attend interview sessions, they must be kicked right away.

When do I join?

Page 1

The HOST must join the server at :40, which means they join when shouted in the Discord server and group shout.

All of the other staff, can also join the server at :40, first come first serve.

The session MUST start and be slocked at :00.

What do I do when I join?

Page 2

When you join the server, before you go on stage, ask the Host to give you your role by the command :name, there are 3 roles, Session Host, Session Overseer, and Interviewer.

Once you are grouped, the interviewers must stand on the lines behind the host. The overseer can stand next to the host.

Hosting Guide

Page 3

When you start the session, you must shout on the group, the discord shout can be found in the server, however the group shout can be copied below.

[INTERVIEWS] Interviews are being hosted at the Interview Center! If you want to become a Trainee, now is the time to join the interview center!

[SLOCKED] Interviews have started and the servers are now closed! Sorry if you couldn’t make it! [COMMUNICATIONS] Join our Dihcord server to chat with us! The invite can be found in the group description!

[CONCLUDED] Interviews are now concluded and have ended! Congratulations to all the staff that has been promoted!

Overseer Script

Page 4

After the Interviewers are at their rooms, please do the following.

:pm admins Greetings! I will be your overseer this session. Once you are finished, and your interviewees passed, bring them to the passers line. I will be there to promote them.

Passing message:

Congratulations on passing this session! Please wait while I promote you to the rank “trainee”.


You have now been promoted! You are dismissed and are free to leave.

Hosting Script

Page 5

:m Welcome to the TIME interview session! I’m your host USERNAME, and we will now begin the interview session.

:m Before we start, I must say that PTS is active, and you’ll be removed from the server if you speak without permission.

:m I will now go over some simple rules that must be followed and are critical for your success, pay attention, please!

:m 1 - Respect must be shown at all times to everyone that is in the server, failure to do so will result in a demotion.

:m 2 - You must NOT go AFK during the session. If your interviewer thinks you are AFK, you have 30 seconds to respond or else you’ll be kicked.

:m 3 - Grammar and punctuation must be used in all Tastriez games, failure to do so will result in a demotion.

:m 4 - There is a maximum of 3 grammar strikes. If you reach them, you have failed the session. Feel free to attend another.

:m 5 - There is no time limit, but try to type your answers as fast as possible with good detail and grammar.

:info Everyone in the server, it will show who has safechat and who doesn’t.

Kick out everyone with safechat.

:m We now have time to answer questions, if there are any, please say “PTS”.

If no one says “PTS” after 20 seconds, you may continue.

:m Thank you all for patiently listening to the rules! Interviewers may now pick 1/2 interviewees. Best of luck to everyone!

Interviewing Script

Page 6

Hello, welcome to Interviews, I’m USERNAME, and I will be your interviewer for this session.

Do you have any questions or concerns before we begin?

Wonderful! I will be asking you 5 questions in total. Please make sure to answer them the best you can.

Make sure to use good grammar, and make as detailed answers as you can.

We will now start, good luck!

Interview Questions:
1 - How did you find our group?

2 - How can you help out our group?

3 - What do you think would be your job when working at the Bakery?

4 - Why do you want to work here?

5 - Have you worked at any other groups that are similar to Tastriez before?

Great job! I will now re-check your answers to see if you’ve passed the session.

Congrats! You’ve passed due to great grammar and good detailed answers!

Before we go to the promo line, let me explain some things.

To be able to start working, you must attend a training session.

You must also not troll at Tastriez games, if you’ve been caught doing so you will be demoted.

Are there any questions?

Great! Follow me to the passers line.

Please wait here while I call the promoter, make sure not to leave the server.

Apologies, but you’ve failed due to 3+ grammar mistakes. Don’t be upset as you can always attend another session.

Apologies, but you’ve failed due to undetailed answers. Don’t be upset as you can always attend another session.