Tastriez's Training Guide

Tastriez’s Training Guide

This guide must be used to train our Trainee members during an interview session. There are no other guides that are approved, so this one must be used at all times.

There are 6 pages in this section.

Players with the rank “Trainee" or higher may be trained.

Players with the rank “Tastriez Fam" or “Guest” will be kicked right away.

“Senior Chef” - cannot attend training sessions, they must be kicked right away. (Unless a Senior Chef would like to retake a training to improve their skill.) Senior Chefs must send an application for the rank “Kitchen Leader”

Kitchen Leaders may join and help train Trainees.

When do I join?

Page 1

The HOST must join the server 30 minutes before the session starts, which means they join when shouted in the Discord server and group shout.

All of the other staff, SA-GM can also join the server 30 minutes before and group themselves, first come first serve.

If there is not enough staff, the HOST calls for KITCHEN LEADERS in the Discord server. The host pings them and tells them to join the server, the form can be found in the management info.

The server MUST start and be slocked at :05.

What do I do when I join?

Page 2

When you join the server, before going on stage, ask the Host to give you your role by the command :name, there are 3 roles, Session Host, Session Overseer, Trainer, and Helper.

Once you are grouped, the trainers must stand on the lines or sit on the couch ONLY IF THERE ARE NO LINE SPOTS behind the host. The overseer can stand next to the host.

The host will group the Trainers and Helpers into Cashier and Chef.

Hosting Guide

Page 3

When you start the session, you must shout on the group, the discord shout can be found in the server, however the group shout can be copied below.

[TRAINING] Trainings are being hosted at the Training Center in 30 minutes! If you want to become a Chef, now is the time to join the training center!

[SLOCKED] Trainings have started and the servers are now closed! Sorry if you couldn’t make it! [COMMUNICATIONS] Join our Dihcord server to chat with us! The invite can be found in the group description!

[CONCLUDED] Trainings are now concluded and have ended! Congratulations to all the staff that has been promoted!

Overseer Script

Page 4

After the Trainers are at their groups, please do the following.

:pm admins Greetings! I will be promoting this session. Once you are finished, and your trainees passed, please name them and PM me to promote in your room.

Passing message:

Congratulations on passing this session! Please wait while I promote you!


Congratulations! You are now dismissed and are free to leave the server!

Hosting Script

Page 5

If you are using the command bar which you can open by pressing ‘ on your PC’s keyboard, do NOT include the prefix.

:m Welcome to the TIME training session! I’m your host USERNAME, and we will now begin the training session.

:m Before we start, I must say that PTS is active, and you’ll be removed from the server if you speak without permission.

:m I will now go over some simple rules that must be followed and are critical for your success, pay attention, please!

:m 1 - Respect must be shown at all times to everyone that is in the server, failure to do so will result in a demotion.

:m 2 - Please do not go AFK during the session as your trainer has some important information to state that you cannot miss.

:m 3 - Grammar must be used at all times in Tastriez games. Failure to do so will result in a demotion.

:m 4 - Chefs must obtain 3/3 points and have no more than 3 grammar mistakes.

:m 5 - Once you’ve reached 3 grammar mistakes you have failed the session and must attend another one.

:m Thank you for patiently listening, as maybe noticed before, you see a number on your head. Please move to that group when I say so.

:m Trainers, Helpers AND all Trainees may now head to their groups. We wish you all the best of luck during the session!

Tempmod all Kitchen Leaders

Training Script

Page 6

Everything in bold must be copied and pasted. Everything else is not included in the Trainee script.

Welcome! Please spread out and find yourself a register! We will begin soon.

Hello everyone and welcome to trainings! I’m USERNAME and my Helpers today are USERNAME, USERNAME!

Today, you will be trained to be promoted.

As mentioned earlier, you must obtain 3/3 points and get no more than 3 grammar mistakes.

3 grammar mistakes will automatically fail you, and you will have to attend another session.

Grammar mistakes will be logged as: “X/3 | GM X/3”. The first part shows the amount of points you have. The second, shows the amount of grammar mistakes.**

example: :name USERNAME 1/3 | GM 2/3

The job of the Chefs are to greet the customer, ask them what they would like and then make their order.

This also brings us to the first stage, GREETINGS!

Your greeting is your imagination, you may customize it to what you like. Use your creativity!

Your greeting must exist out of 3 stages.

Where you welcome the customer, where you tell them you will prepare their order, and where you tell them to enjoy their order and come back soon.

Your greeting must have perfect grammar and we recommend you to copy and paste it. I will now show some examples.

1: Welcome to Tastriez Bakery! My name is USERNAME, and I will be making your order today. What would you like?

2: Wonderful choice(s)! I will now make your delicious order, while you wait, why not listen to the music that is being played?

3: I’ve now come back with your order. Thank you for choosing Tastriez, I hope to see you back soon!

As mentioned earlier, you can totally customize this!

When someone walks up to you, please state your greeting.

We will now commence the GREETING stage! My helpers will also check your greeting. (I point)

After this stage has been completed, point all that has a good greeting.

Wonderful job, everyone!

I will now explain something about the RECIPE stage.

During the training process, we will only make a flavored Cupcake I ask for. However, there are more baked goods/drinks at the Bakery!

I will now explain the recipe on how to make a cupcake.

1: Grab a Cupcake Wrapper. 2: Hold it and put it in the flavor the customer asks for. 3: Hold it and put it in the oven, a waiting time will be showed.

If you need help with any other recipes, you can find the link in the group description.

Before we begin this round, in order to give the order to the customer, press ‘H’ on your keyboard and fill in the username of the customer.

If you are on mobile, you can press the GUI on the top of your screen and then fill in the username of the customer.

You will have 1 minute to do this.

Are there any questions or concerns?

Great! I would like a…

  • Vanilla Cupcake
  • Strawberry Cupcake
  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Mint Cupcake (choose 1 of them)

Give 1 point to everyone who got it in their first try under 1 minute.

Wonderful job, everyone! We will now commence the last stage, TROLLING!

Trollers should receive only I warning, after that you should call an MR+ on the group wall, or ping Emergency Response with proof.

However, exploiters receive no warnings at all, and you should call for an MR+ immediately.

If you see someone trolling, ask them to stop kindly. If they do not stop you should give them I warning.

If they continue after that warning, and there is not an MR+ in the server, please call one on Dihcord or the group wall.

Once my helpers or I walk up to you, please state your greeting, they will then begin the simulation.


You and your helpers must now troll your trainees. If they warn you, and say they will call an MR, they will receive the point.

Everyone with 3/3 points has passed the session, those who don’t have 3 points, please kindly tell them they have failed the session. After that, kick them.

Name them 3/3 PASSED!

Congratulations on passing! Please wait patiently to be promoted. The overseer will be here as soon as possible!