Tealive Frequent Questions

The information below describes frequently asked questions and answers regarding all things Tealive, employment acquisition, suggestions, and more! If your question is not here, please reach out to a member of management via group wall or Discord.

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:bubble_tea: Q1: How do I become employed at Tealive?
ANSWER: In order to begin your career at Tealive, join the Quiz Center and take the test. From there, attend a training session to become a Junior Tearista. Advancing through Tearista ranks requires the acquisition of points by working at the Teahouse!

:bubble_tea: Q2: What is the order limit at Tealive?
ANSWER: The order limit for all player(s) is 3 items.

:bubble_tea: Q3: How do I begin my management career at Tealive?
ANSWER: Periodically during the month, Teahouse Intern applications are made available to Head Tearistas via Discord allowing you to apply into the management structure.

:bubble_tea: Q4: How do I form a partnership with Tealive?
ANSWER: In order to begin the partnership process with us, ensure you have met all requirements of Tealive’s Partnership Requirements. Follow all instructions provided. Your application will only be considered if it follows all specified criteria and requirements.

:bubble_tea: Q5: Where can I submit suggestions?
ANSWER: We love hearing from our communi-tea! If you have suggestions or recommendations for us, submit your suggestion in the suggestions channel on our Communications Server.

:bubble_tea: Q6: I need to report a player that is fracturing Community Rules.
ANSWER: Offering you a safe, enjoyable experience is at the forefront of our commitment to you. If you’re experiencing a situation in which you need assistance, reach out to management immediately via the group wall or communications server. If this is a prolonged situation that requires more in-depth analysis, open a support ticket on the Communications Server.

:bubble_tea: Q7: What can I do with voice-chat?
ANSWER: Tealive has approved the utilization of voice-chat in Teatown, meaning all player(s) have another form of communication with one another. Please refrain from violating ROBLOX Voicechat Rules, blasting loud audios and being disruptive. If you’re an employee that would like to greet customers using voice-chat, you are more than welcome!

:bubble_tea: Q8: How do I advance through the employee ranks?
ANSWER: Employees at Tealive can only advance after a “Trainee Training Session” through the the acquisition of points obtained through working at the Teahouse and completing orders.

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Tealive Senior Management
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