Tealive Partnerships

The information below describes Tealive’s partnership agreement and outlines specified criteria ro-businesses and associates need to comply with to generate a bubbling relationship with us!

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:bubble_tea: Partnership Requirements
1. Must have minimum of 5,000 non-botted group members.
2. Must have minimum of 700 discord members.
3. Reputable game rating and positive community standing.
4. Must have the ability to mobilize affiliate representatives between groups.
5. Must have the ability to announce our events, as we will yours.

The following partnership application must be submitted to a Public Relations Officer via the Tealive Discord in order for it to be viewed as valid. We ask that you refrain from messaging for updates regarding your application; our team will assess your capabilities and respond in under 24 hours.

:bubble_tea: Partnership Application
1. State the name of your group and when it began operating.
2. State your current group member count and discord member count.
3. Outline the mission of your group.
4. How would a partnership with you benefit Tealive and yourself?
5. What events would you be interested in planning with Tealive?

Tealive values all its partnerships and in its capacity will attempt to honor all obligations with all groups to the best of our ability. We look forward to welcoming you to our communi-tea!

Best Wishes,
Tealive Senior Management
:spiral_calendar: Last Updated - 04/30/2023 (MM,DD,YY)

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