Team Arsanic is recruiting!

About Us

Hey there! we are Team Arsanic or Arsanic productions, and we are working on a huge game at the moment, and we are looking for scripters to come help us out on the game! We have a big team of modelers, builders, and a couple scripters, but we need more to pursue the vision we’ve always had for Team Arsanic. We’d love to have people joining the team, we are a friendly but joking environment, we never set deadlines, you work on your own time. This for now is a unpayed position, but percentage will come into play once the game is published, I may still pay some R$/pay-pal still, but Team Arsanic is a non-funded, group of developers, just trying to expand on our skills and have fun while doing so. If any investors would want to work with us, you could message me on discord as well (HYPO#5030) If you are unsure of us actually getting any earnings from the game, the way we will get money to pay you is that, we will save up money to do ads once the game is fully finished. Also I have many connections who would probably be willing to help, many you’ve heard of before.

The Team
Me - Scripting, progress management and just overall management, and soundtrack
ElkCasOre04 - Side scripting
ErrorTwo - UI scripting
LogeenaWinehouse - Social media management
GenuineMH - Soundtrack help
IkonRBLX - Head of modeling
Official - Head of building
ʎɯɯo⊥ - Storyline writing
JustARandomPerson - Scripting help

You may think to yourself, why would they need developers? They have so many people?
The size of game we are going for requires as many people as possible, to make it the best experience for players.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter, and professional builder to come help on the team.


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Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at HYPO#5030 for more information

Thanks for reading! :flushed:


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