Team create bugs out textures

If I’m changing a texture of a mesh w/ a pre-existing texture, the textures will revert back to their original texture without me touching them after a few minutes. First encounter with this bug dated back since July. This only ever happens with team create on and I think whenever a scripter is making changes to code.
First instances:

2nd instances:

Hi Yozoh,

Thanks for your report. Unfortunately I am having trouble reproducing this so I’d like to get a little more context about this issue:

  • Did the two instances above occur in the same TeamCreate place?
  • If you create a different place with TeamCreate enabled are you able to reproduce the issue?
  • Do you recall if you experienced this bug when other users were in the TeamCreate session with you?
  • How often has this occurred since your first encounter in July? Every Studio session, once a week, etc.

Answering these questions will give me a better chance to narrow down the issue, thanks!

They did not occur in the same team create place. The first video occured back in July throughout the RDC game jam. It was a continuous issue for the 24 hours that we were making the game. The 2nd video occured Sept 3rd. I’ve only ever encountered this issue in these two incidents where I was in the same place as someone else.
This only occurs with another person in team create. I would have to wait till they leave to change my textures and have them saved. Usually the other person is making changes to a script/coding at the time I am making changes to my mesh textures.

The 1st video my teammate was making active edits to code.
The 2nd video the person in team create w/ me just left the studio open.
So I’m going to assume this only ever occurs with two people in team create together, and it doesn’t matter what the 2nd person is doing to re-create this bug.

Is the TextureId property reverting to its previous string, or is the change only visual?

The ID is reverting properly. I haven’t been able to catch or re-create the bug again, these were the only two incidents where I encountered it.

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