[Team Create&Pastebin] Studio Notes Plugin

Hey everyone! Just made a super simple plugin; “Studio Notes”. Here’s a super simple explanation for this super simple plugin:

  • Team Create Update

  • Pastebin Update

  • Enter in a note for whatever key you please

  • Change the key to write a new note

  • Notes save under the keys you enter, so just enter a previous key to go back to an old note! (Works cross game, but not cross device. NOTES DO NOT SAVE ON THE CLOUD, ONLY LOCALLY)

here a video for demonstrative use:

Get the plugin:

oh and by the way, it adjusts to studio’s colour scheme :smirk:

use cases

  • you’re coding and you want to remember something (the exact reason i made this)
  • you want to remember a specification for whatever you’re making, but dont want to keep switching tabs
  • you want to store the name of your pet so that you can look over at it and smile every now and then
  • you remember you need to get something from the store mid-dev, so you stick it in your ‘shopping’ notes page
  • word stopped working and your 50,000 word thesis is due in 3 hours

and im sure there’s much more!


Any chance we can choose our own font and its size? :o

“I dont like dr pepper”.
Clicking off bye.

On a serious note though. This is great! Now i wont forget to do things last second like i normally do.


This is going to be a really useful plugin for develoment teams and developers who are scripting or building stuff over a long period of time. If we can choose like the font size and stuff would be a bonus, but overall it’s a really nice plugin. Well made and very simple - but effective. Well done.


Looks like a plugin I can use to remember what I did last time. However, I still prefer writing them off-Studio somewhere in my files rather than causing a complete mess on my window docks in Studio.


Bookmarked this Topic! :clap: :clap:

Reminds me a lot of shrib, which I used to use to take notes like this (before it got all corporatey and filled with ads).

You can use any id for saving notes, and come back to it later.

Just added a settings page! You can pick a font, size and whether the text scales or not here.


Sweet, now I’ll use it, been storing all my notes in discord. xD


Made some updates:

Team Create Replicated Game Notes

There is a new option in the settings to switch from Local Computer Notes to game specific notes. These notes are unique to the game, and are backed up in the game itself (In a folder in ServerStorage). This means that anyone with team create access can view these notes, and the notes update in realtime when changed. Note that there is no mechanism to stop people overwriting each other’s notes


Fonts options show up in the actual font you're choosing

It seemed a bit silly to not be able to see what the fonts look like before using them.


Bug fixes:

  • I was parenting a clone of the settings window into StarterGui every time it’s opened, being me and being dumb I didn’t remove it when I published the plugin. This is removed in the updated versions, please check your StarterGui.
  • The settings page now shows the setting you have saved by default, instead of ‘Choose one’
  • It’s multi line so you can now press enter to make a line break.
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I’m using this for sure. Might use it for reminding me on what certain scripts do.

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Another update! I’ll stop spamming this post with updates soon.

Pastebin uploads

Just enter your pastebin developer key here, (found at https://pastebin.com/api)! This key is stored in plain text on your computer

More help on developer key


To upload to pastebin, press this button (It’s actually a tiny pastebin logo):

After clicking this, the link will be outputted, and you can copy it to find the note in plain text.
As I’m writing this im realising I could’ve just added a button to output the note in the output and it would’ve been just as useful :sob:

Quick suggestion for something I’m feeling the absence of; scrolling. It’s annoying to have to resize the plugin window so I can see text below a certain point, please implement scrolling within the text field so I can keep the window a certain size and just scroll down when I need to read on.

Your wishes have been answered!
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it seems like this would be a useless plugin but i have already used it like 4 times since i got it yesterday! wish I found out about this earlier

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I suggest adding an ability to press some button or key that will instantly solve a math problem in your note.
Like, if you have 12 + 4, and you fire solve, it’d be replaced with 16, or if you have, for example, formula to calculate something: 20 + 8 - 4, it’d replace it with formula to calculate something: 24
If you had serveral math statements, like First: 5 + 5, second: 6 + 6, it’d replace the leftmost
It would also help if you could automatically paste something into the command bar (not sure if that’s possible or not) and if you could have the notes save over restart of studio (not sure if that’s possible either)
Hopefully this is not abandoned, or I’ll have to make my own plugin D:
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, you don’t like Dr. Pepper, huh?

Anyway, this’ll be useful for me, I tend to forget stuff alot. Will install once I get back on Windows.