Team Create script recovery is not working

Sometimes I get kicked out of Team Create and reconnect for unknown reasons. (One time I briefly saw a message, which is repeated in the log file, about the server being shutdown for maintenance by Roblox. Another time, I got no message being displayed at all, it just kicked me out.)

When this happens and the place is reloaded, script recovery is not triggered at all, and ONLY the script that was currently being edited gets saved and loaded again. Unsaved changes to all other scripts get deleted. (This is using the older team create saving system, not the newer collaborative editing system.)

I just lost hours of work because of this. Please fix. I am so tired of these stupid problems with Studio destroying my workflow.

Here’s the log file for that session:
log_A4AE6_last.txt (79.7 KB)
Game ID 4382762385
My timezone is New Zealand Standard Time which is probably what is displayed in the log file.


Hi EmeraldSlash, thanks for your report we are taking a look.

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