Team Create Sometimes Never Loads When Making a New Place


Team create is simply not loading when I turn it on.
When switched on, it directs me to the Studios page and loads the team create UI. Everything’s normal, but once it loads up the loading-in UI it just halts there and goes on forever.

This has happened spontaneously at random times. Sometimes team create works fine, but other times it simply refuses to load.

These particular places that team create never loaded are still not accessible seeing that it’s still stuck on the loading UI.

These places also don’t have a game icon attached to them.

I can assure you, this isn’t an internet problem.
Again, this happens randomly. Sometimes team create works, sometimes it doesn’t and when it doesn’t it doesn’t work for multiple new places.

OS: Windows, 17134.885
On the latest studio update

Hope there’s a solution, thanks for reading.


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