Team Create Sync Error Incident Report


Over the weekend, some developers faced an issue where Team Create failed to sync with our servers, and this bug would reset your work intermittently. This was caused by specific situations related to the newly added dialog when you exited Team Create. The dialog would simply prompt a user to confirm if they intended to close the Team Create session.

Unfortunately, one of the edge cases that emerged was how the dialog would impact developers who disconnected from their Team Create sessions and reconnected. Choosing to not close your Team Create session after a disconnect would open two Team Create sessions of the same game. Having two sessions open of the same Team Create game would cause synchronization issues with our servers, and could lead to you losing your work.


This feature was turned on starting Thursday, August 27th. We linked the synchronization to this dialog on Saturday, August 29th, and have disabled the feature.


We are working on a fix and hoping to re-release the dialog in the future. This was strongly requested by the developer community, and it is something that we would like to include as it is a Quality of Life (QoL) change.


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Do you have any idea how long it’ll be before it’s reenabled?


Thank you for responding to our concerns. This has affected us, glad to see a report. Will we be getting incident reports more often?

I think this is a bit unclear. What was strongly requested, dialog on leave or reverting the fix?

Thank you for following up on this issue. :slight_smile:


Are there any plans being put in place in the future to prevent occurrences like this?


Hi @rogchamp, we are actively working on it right now. I don’t have an ETA yet but we’ll post a response here when it’s ready.


Hi @FxllenCode, yes we plan to report on incidents and provide transparency.

Thanks for flagging for clarity - I updated the original post. The request was for a confirmation before closing Team Create.


Happened with me also I lost my 2 weeks of work . :frowning: Are thier any plans to get it fixed soon?


Hi @UnderMyWheel, absolutely! We are working on hardening the regression testing around Team Create so we don’t have a miss like this one in the future.


Sorry to hear that @Synite_X. We backed out the confirmation dialog causing this issue on Aug 29th.

With Team Create, your work should automatically be saved to the cloud every 5 minutes. I’m not sure if the case you hit was different causing 2 week loss. Can you report this separately as a bug with relevant info and Place ID so we can look into it? Thank you.


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