[TEAM FULL] Looking for a team of Developers!

Hey, I am looking for a team that would work with me on games, such as simulators or even tycoons.

Looking for:
Ui Designer
and more,

Payment will be by percentages, the more effort and time you put in, the bigger cut you will get.

Contact me:
You can contact me through discord, my username and tag is MrSoyDog#8133

Reply if you have questions of any kind,

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’m interested in being your builder! Sent you a friend request. meow?#0001

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depends how proffessional do you want the scripter and/or animator to be. I could be both

I’d like it if you’d give some examples for payment ranges.

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I am looking for like a scripter that could script a basic simulator like a shop/sell stuff like that.

What do you mean examples of that?

for example, if you do poorly then 30k and if you do swell then 70k

I would be glad to do that for you

I am not paying that way as it says in the payment section of my post. I am by percentages

What do you do, like what type of stuff to you create?

What will you be contributing to the project?

leaderboards, shops, I can do some car spawners, etc.

I will be building, doing some Gfx/ui’s if needed.

Alrighty, Sounds great. I will message you more info.

quick question can you pay in robux?

Yes, when someone buys a gamepass or merch it will divide the robux up to the Team.

Hmm, how much are investors willing to spend on this project?

Never thought of having an investor. Dm on Discord if your interested in that.

Okay I will send a friend request

Added on discord, I’m a scripter and interested in joining.