Team Leaderboard Counter

Hello, I am working on something for a Gun Clan and I need a counter such as the one Futuretops has with the name of the team and the number of players below, an example is shown below, but I can find out how to do that, could someone help me?


I still need help. Can anyone help me?

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Read about the function GetPlayers.
That will help you

Yes but then how would I get the team? Cause the team name would be always changing

By the team color. That would work.

How? Cause as I know only know to find a team by game.Team.Red

Here is another resource you could have found with a quick search engine query:

Yes but that only works for players

You can iterate through Teams::GetChildren and find the Team which has this specific TeamColor.

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You can change the team name with

team.Name = "Team [" .. tostring(i) .. "]"```

Ok, so I found what I needed. Thanks for your help.

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