Team Leaderboard Help

I’m new to scripting, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Is there a way to make a team only leaderboard?
For example, how do I make it to where teams are a max of 4 players, and you can only see your teammates names on the leaderboard?

I know how to hide the actual leaderboard, I’ve already done so. I just need to make it to where I can only see my teammates.

Similar to this:

I’m not worried about their health bars or anything yet. I can handle designing the UI and what not.


How is this a leaderboard? Looks like a party system to me.

Yes. But it can be used as a leaderboard system on Roblox. The base leaderboard only shows names. That’s all I want. I only want you to be able to see names of people you’re on a team with