Team Magna Ranks & Rules

Welcome To Team Magna!! I hope you enjoy our clothes as much as we enjoyed making them!

  1. Pending Customer: You Can’t Chat Yet.
  2. Muted: You broke a rule
  3. Normal Customer: You have been in the group under a week.
  4. Referrer: You referred someone! In the group wall say who you referred, and have that person confirm it.
  5. Good Customer: You have been in the group for a whole week!
  6. Good Referrer: You have been verified and been in the group for a whole week!
  7. Outstanding Person: You referred someone, bought a shirt, and have been in the group for a week!
  8. Designer: You joined the Disco Server, and applied for a job!
  9. Great Designer: You made 50 Sales as a designer!
  10. Admin: You are a friend of SimplyJosho and he trusts you!
  11. (If you see and admin doing something wrong DM SimplyJosho)
  1. Be Kind To Everyone
  2. Have Common Sense
  3. No Inappropriate Usernames
  4. No Drama, Fighting, Or Arguing, Find A Debate Server For That
  5. Listen To Admins
  6. No Hate Against Religion, Gender, Or Race
  7. No Bullying 8
  8. NO NSFW Content
  9. Ask Before Advertising
  10. No Flooding, Spamming, Scamming Or Other
  11. No Links
  12. There Are Unwritten Rules Which I, Or Admins Can Enforce Anytime.
  13. No Cuss Words Or Slurs.
  14. No Begging For Robux.
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