Team test player added not firing for Player2?

As the title says, whenever I do a local team test, most of the time the data for “Player2” does not load in. I added a print statement at the top of the PlayerAdded which was responsible for loading the data and it seems that this event isn’t even firing for the other player. Not sure if this is a studio bug or what, but I’ve only just recently encountered it yesterday.

This is the player added event in question (I use profile service):

I added the for loop after encountering this bug hoping it would fix it however it doesn’t seem to be the case and the behavior of this is very odd.

After a bit more testing before posting this, I’ve found that if I do a large team test (7+ players), Player2’s data loads in fine. I’m assuming it has something to do with two players joining at the same time? But I’m not sure considering every other local team test player has their data load in fine.

Thank you for any solutions

Bumping since still no fix found

It’s not a bug you probably have a loop somewhere when playerAdded() is called on line 972. Change line 972 to:

task.spawn(playerAdded, player)
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