Technology is not a valid member of Lighting


print(game.Lighting.Technology) – Run This In Command Bar


Technology is not a valid member of Lighting

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Script ‘print(game.Lighting.Technology)’, Line 1

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How am I suppose to change this property in game?

My game relies on it.




Exists, so I don’t really know why I can’t access Lighting.Technology

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I would assume that lighting technology was never intended to be changed in-game. Kinda similar to how you can’t change the FE, Streaming, and Legacy Physics Override in the same case. I don’t know if this will be intended on full release though.

Also if you’re trying to test the property in-game as of right now, I advise not doing so because only Studio has the property. The client currently does not see the property.

Edit: Seeing that you get the error in the command bar, maybe the property is locked on all levels of scripting access.


Thank you!

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Happy to help! :grin:

What’s your use case for needing to access Lighting.Technology? I can’t see a reason why you’d need to access that property. As well, with what Locard said, it most likely isn’t intended to be manipulated in-game.

One of these days I’d like to make a building game, and I’d want players to have the flexibility of being able to change most of the same stuff they can tweak in studio.

But since I have yet to deliver such a game, it’s not mission critical for me. I’d probably just pick my favorite and make all my users deal. :slight_smile:


Changing the Technology property to Voxel looks better for my game at night time, during the day Legacy is better.