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Either payment method works, I can take 100-200k R$ via group funds or 100-200 USD via Paypal, it’s up to you.

I do rename them, yes. The image you posted is somewhat similar to how I organize them, however if there is a specific way that someone wants me to organize them I can work with it.


Standalone Art added.


You can do multiple styles very well :slight_smile:




Changed the Thread title, open up to graphics, building, and UI.


Would recommend working with Ted, very high quality and very professional!


New thumbnail added, 12/21/18


Portfolio updated, 1/11/2019


Nice work you put in Alexander really like it keep up the good work man.


Thanks (:


Just ordered a new UI design for a game of mine. Service was quick and good. I would be sure to use him again. Thanks for the great work!

You can check out the full design here. :slight_smile:


DeviantArt Gallery Updated - 1/21/2019

-Two Application Interfaces added.

You may view them here:


You design some really nice UIs :clap:


Thanks :sunglasses:


Designs some very nice UIs, have seen his UIs personally in several different games and they look great! :+1:


Thank you.


Your work looks awesome!


Thanks :sunglasses:


New Inventory Concept added to my deviantart gallery. Hope you guys enjoy, make sure to leave a rate (:


Damn that’s good.