Teleport players to a pre-made place or start the round in the current game?

I am making a round-based cartoony minigame.

[Option #1] The current model works like this:

  • Players join the game and spawn in lobby
  • Game waits for enough players to start intermission
  • If there are enough players, start setting up the round
  • Start the round
  • Round ends
  • Present results
  • Repeat

That model works, however I have been considering a different approach which I’ve seen used by @PlaceRebuilder that uses the TeleportService (I think) to teleport ready players to a place with pre-loaded assets.

[Option #2] This is how the new model could work:

  • The start place has a max player count of 1
  • Player joins the game
  • Gui pops up which shows the menu (settings, shop, etc)
  • Player can click start match at any time
  • This puts the player into a queue with other players
  • Player is sent to a place that needs more players OR Player and other ready players are grouped together and are sent to a place
  • Upon joining, the place does pre-round checks then starts the round
  • Round ends
  • Presents results
  • Player can choose to party up with the current players or go back to the lobby (start place) or vote for a rematch


  1. Which is the better option?

  2. What caveats does each approach bring?

  3. What limitations are there?

  4. How tough is it to implement option #2?

  5. What effect does option #2 have on player data (player stats in data stores)?

If you have any advice for me please do let me know.


Will this also affect my player count?

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Abstain from queue-based systems on ROBLOX. Periodt. You should work towards a seamless gameplay, where anyone can join and play at any time.

Figure out a model that fits this criteria :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t what I suggested for option #2 meet that criteria? Players can play at their own pace by choosing when they want to play.

Can you please explain this? Thanks.

Kampfkarren had a huge issue with TeleportService. Right before the new year, Roblox broke the teleport service and their game (which relied on it) lost a huge chunk of players.

As you can tell, their game never recovered. Try to stay away from teleport service.