TeleportAsync crashes [Need help]

So my game has been getting reports of the game freezing mid teleport and then crashing a few minutes later. I’ve been looking for a solution for so a while now and have got nothing. Here is the script:

local ReservedServerId = teleportService:ReserveServer(gameId)

			local TeleportOptions ="TeleportOptions")
			TeleportOptions.ReservedServerAccessCode = ReservedServerId
				local TeleportResult = teleportService:TeleportAsync(
			end, warn)

maybe the issue is with the place you’re teleporting to processing too much when teleported to or joined

or if by “mid teleport,” you meant after this teleport is triggered and before the other place’s loading screen, then maybe you did something like:

  • put this code in an infinite loop
  • put code that triggers along this one that processes too much
    • eg. an infinite/long loop coroutined right before it, an infinite/long loop after it

another issue might be that the first place has some memory leak that constantly builds up, and around the time players teleport is when it’s too high for roblox to handle

You are not catching TeleportInitFailed? TeleportInitFailed

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