Teleporting a player to a running server

Hi there, I am currently experiencing a problem with the teleport service

I am currently using game:GetService(“TeleportService”):Teleport(id,player)

My goal is to teleport a single player from the lobby (start place) into a separate place (other places within the start place)

Even though the place setting is set to “Fill each server as full as possible” (both the lobby and the other place), Roblox keeps making new servers, as shown below

Is it possible to teleport a single player to the biggest possible running server?


That’s strange behaviour. Teleport should respect your game’s settings and pass the player around through automatic matchmaking rules. New servers should not be created when other servers have not yet been filled up.

For reference: when you refer to the place setting, is this the target place or the lobby, or both? The target place will also require the full as possible configuration for server filling.

There isn’t a way to natively select what server you want to teleport to. Technically there is but it’s a workaround and all factors involved are severely unreliable. The workaround is to pass around servers, their player count and their JobIds via MessagingService, then use TeleportToPlaceInstance to send a player to that specific server.